West Brandenburg and Elbe 15 to 18 July 2011

Roger and Christine White

This was an even more rapid recce than usual, visiting some bird sites on our way to the river Elbe.

Friday 15 July
Flight to Berlin
Sat 16 July
IMG_2028Sunny and warm. am visit to the ponds at Reckahn. (Turn off E30 at J78 (the Brandenburg Turn) and then south towards Belzig on 102). Osprey here and a good selection of waders: Snipe, Ruff, Spotted Redshank and Greenshank.

IMG_2038Walchow. This is the most reliable Little Crake site in Brandenburg. It is situated NE of the city of Brandenburg. A walk through here yielded Red-backed Shrike, Marsh Harrier, Goshawk and the usual wetland warblers.

Sunday 16 July
On towards Rühstädt. Montague’s Harrier between Legde IMG_2046and Abbendorf in a Lupin field. Also Quail here. At Rühstadt there were over 40 White Stork nests. There was a webcam of the nest on the visitor centre.

The weir at Gnevsdorf was a very attractive site with views over the Havel and the Elbe.


Monday 17 July
IMG_2063To Lenzen, via Lanz the thru Wustrow to the new dyke. Red-backed Shrike, Very good area of water here with Greylag Geese ++ and Little Ringed Plover. Quail heard, Yellow Wagtail.
Two White-tailed Eagle.

Tuesday 28 July Back to Berlin.

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