North East Germany 29 June to 2 July

This was a very short weekend visit to look at some of the polders, and the Bee-eater sites. The weather was terrible initialy with torrential rain for the first 2 days.

No birdwatching was possible in the Lower Oder National Park. Only a singing Thrush Nightingale at Teerofen bridge was recorded. Further north there was little improvement, but on 1 July it was possible to look at some of the Mecklenburg polders. There were good numbers of Whiskered and Black Terns around at Menzlin and Klotzow polders but all their nests had been washed out.  Black-necked Grebes had suffered similarly.  Great Reed Warblers were singing well and there were the usual Bearded Tits. There were good views of White-tailed Eagles. At Kamp polder there was


Menzlin Polder

a nice collection of waders, with small groups of Ruff, Wood Sandpiper, Redshank and Snipe and a large flock of Lapwing.  Also here were some Cranes and several hundred Greylags.

This is the second year that Bee-eaters have bred in this part of Germany.  The main site has been well publicised on German websites, there has been a lot of disturbance from Birders and Photographers, and information is now being witheld. There are several disused sand quarries north of Anklam and these are the places that attract them. At the main site there were at least 6 active holes with birds feeding young.


A brief visit to Galenbecker See on the way back to the airport was rewarded by a Golden Oriole and a singing Marsh Warbler.

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