The first Year

In its first year this website has been viewed from 50 different countries. Most visitors are from UK and Germany, with USA not far behind. This shows the increasing worldwide interest in Bird-watching in north east Germany.

I wish all visitors a happy and healthy new year.                  Roger White

November Trip report

A short report of a November weekend in Schleswig Holstein has been posted on the Trip Reports page. Since then, there have been increasing reports of Rough-legged Buzzards along the north sea coast, There have been further sightings of Short-eared Owl, and on 8 December a Snowy Owl near Dagebull.

October News

 As well as flocks of several hundred, the websites have reported high numbers of Bean and White-fronted Geese in Brandenburg – ca 100,000 grey geese at Guelper See and in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern – 10,000+ at Galenbecker See. Rough-legged Buzzards are widespread in small numbers.