West Brandenburg and Elbe 15 to 18 July 2011

Roger and Christine White

This was an even more rapid recce than usual, visiting some bird sites on our way to the river Elbe.

Friday 15 July
Flight to Berlin
Sat 16 July
IMG_2028Sunny and warm. am visit to the ponds at Reckahn. (Turn off E30 at J78 (the Brandenburg Turn) and then south towards Belzig on 102). Osprey here and a good selection of waders: Snipe, Ruff, Spotted Redshank and Greenshank.

IMG_2038Walchow. This is the most reliable Little Crake site in Brandenburg. It is situated NE of the city of Brandenburg. A walk through here yielded Red-backed Shrike, Marsh Harrier, Goshawk and the usual wetland warblers.

Sunday 16 July
On towards Rühstädt. Montague’s Harrier between Legde IMG_2046and Abbendorf in a Lupin field. Also Quail here. At Rühstadt there were over 40 White Stork nests. There was a webcam of the nest on the visitor centre.

The weir at Gnevsdorf was a very attractive site with views over the Havel and the Elbe.


Monday 17 July
IMG_2063To Lenzen, via Lanz the thru Wustrow to the new dyke. Red-backed Shrike, Very good area of water here with Greylag Geese ++ and Little Ringed Plover. Quail heard, Yellow Wagtail.
Two White-tailed Eagle.

Tuesday 28 July Back to Berlin.

Berlin and Linum 16 – 17 May 2011

Roger White

15 May Bristol to Berlin.
16 May Breakfast at 6.30 am. Visited Mittelbruch in the north of the city. Parked at the end of Eupener Strasse and walked mittelbruchthrough the reserve. A Goshawk flew across carrying a bird and followed by the larger female. Black Kite overhead. Heard a Wryneck. Two Wood Warbler singing. Tufted Duck and Little Grebe on the pond..

IMG_1974Then on to Kippe Schönerlinde. Tree pipit, Golden Orioles +, Singing Grasshopper Warbler. Garden Warbler. Whitethroat.

Next stop Malchow. to view the White Stork nest before visiting Falkenberger Riesenfelder. (former sewage farm). Whinchat singing. Quite a lot of water IMG_1980with Lapwing and other waders (too far away for id, but probably Ruff.) Corn Bunting, pair of Stonechat, Yellow Wagtail.

Next stop Hobrechtsfelde and a walk as far as the Kleine Teiche. Tufted Duck and Gadwall. Heard and briefly saw a Wryneck. Good view of Icterine Warbler singing. Several Garden Warbler singing. Great Reed Warbler, Stonechat.

17 May.
Linum. Seven White Stork nests in the main street. Around the ponds there was abundant bird life.
Red-crested Pochard, Marsh Harrier, Hobby, Black Headed Gulls, Common Terns, Lot of Great Reed Warbler, good Marsh Warbler views. Savi’s, Sedge, and Reed Warbler. Willow Tit. Fieldfare near Linumhorst. Display board at Stork centre showing Crane numbers.

Quick visit to Korzin near Beelitz where there were distant waders on the muddy pools but telescope would have been needed for id. Yellow Wagtail, Osprey on pole. Marsh Harrier.
Airport was the next stop.

Berlin and Linum 16 – 17 May 2011

Roger White

15 May Bristol to Berlin. Stayed at Ibis.
16 May Breakfast at 6.30 am. Visited Mittelbruch in the north of the city. Parked at the end of Eupener Strasse and walked through the reserve. A Goshawk flew across carrying a bird and followed by the larger female. Black Kite overhead. Heard a Wryneck. Two Wood Warbler singing. Tufted Duck and Little Grebe on the pond..

Then on to Kippe Schönerlinde. Tree pipit, Golden Orioles +, Singing Grasshopper Warbler. Garden Warbler. Whitethroat.

Next stop Malchow. to view the White Stork nest before visiting Falkenberger Riesenfelder. (former sewage farm). Whinchat singing. Quite a lot of water with Lapwing and other waders (too far away for id, but probably Ruff.) Corn Bunting, pair of Stonechat, Yellow Wagtail.

Next stop Hobrechtsfelde and had a walk as far as the Kleine Teiche. Tufted Duck and Gadwall. Heard and briefly saw a Wryneck. Good view of Icterine Warbler singing. Several Garden Warbler singing. Great Reed Warbler, Stonechat.

17 May.
Linum. Seven Stork nests in the main street. Around the ponds there was abundant bird life.
Red Crested Pochard, Marsh Harrier, Hobby, Black Headed Gulls, Common Terns, Lot of Great Reed Warbler, good Marsh Warbler views. Savi’s, Sedge, and Reed Warbler. Willow Tit. Fieldfare near Linumhorst. Display board at Stork center showing Crane numbers.

North and South West Brandenburg 13 – 15 June 2010

Roger White
This was another rapid ‘recce’ looking at some sites in the north and south west of Brandenburg. Only the most rewarding sites, and selected species are mentioned.

13 June 2010
1840 flight to Berlin.

14 June
Left airport hotel at 0725 and headed north. Took junction 8 to Finksberg., heading for Fergitz tower, near Suckow. There IMG_1775is a good view of the lake from here. A lot of birds : Marsh Warbler, Icterine Warbler, Thrush Nightingale, Bearded Tit. Skylark and Whinchat. In a wood with Black Poplars. Golden Oriole, Fieldfares. In the bushy areas were Red-backed Shrikes and Barred Warbler.

At the small pond at Stromtal, near Boitzenburg were Grasshopper Warbler, Great Reed Warbler, Garganey, and Hobby.

IMG_1787Then to Boitzenburg. On the way, Two Osprey nests on pylons, seen well from the road. After Berkholz, I drove down a rough track to a water mill, and walked through the woodland. A lot of old timber. Several Wood Warbler singing. Middle Spotted Woodpecker and Crested Tit. Cranes calling.,

Then to Suckersee. Female Red Breasted Flycatcher. After failing to find a room at 2 hotels and I found a room in the Freizeit Hotel in Furstenburg.

15 June
IMG_1792Zehdenik. NSG Klienitz near the station was a very good site. You walk along a grass track with damp woodland patches of open water on the right with open marshy ground on the left and small pools. Green Sandpiper, Lapwing, 6 Teal. Marsh Warbler Greylags, Path bends round to the left past a small lake. Small island with breeding Common Tern and Black Headed Gull on platforms and tree stumps. Pair of Cranes.

Southto Jutenbog, and walked along sandy tracks and light IMG_1795woodland from Marfendorf towards wind turbines. Hawfinch, Redstart, Willow Warbler, and Pied Flycatcher. Took several wrong turnings on the way back and took a while to get back to the car.

Then Stangenhagen late pm. Osprey on nest. Penduline tit called. Marsh and Great Reed, Sedge and River Warbler, Crane.

Then to the small village of Korzin.Nothing much to see from the viewing platform, but Osprey on pole in view.

Evening flight to Bristol.

Oder Bruch and Warta delta 24 to 27 May 2010

Roger White and Robin Prytherch

This was mainly a ‘recce’ visit to the east side of Brandenburg and across the river to the Warta estuary on Poland.

A number of sites visited are not included in this report, because they proved to be unrewarding, either because of poor access or because they showed little promise.

24 May
Evening flight to Schönefeld, Berlin. Stayed at Brandenburger Hof Hotel, Seelow, east of Berlin

25 May
The hide at Karlsdorf (NW of Seelow) is no longer accessible because the steps had been removed. However, the pond could be viewed by walking down through a small meadow area just after the bus stop. Little to see, however. At Altfriedlander Teiche. there were breeding Common Tern and Black-headed Gull. Goldeneye here and a patrolling White-tailed Eagle. An Icterine Warbler was singing well in the open.

There is a small hide here with just a few steps, and room for 6-7 people. Good view over open water, but not such a good IMG_1722view of the islands as from the tall hide. Then on to Güsterbiese on the river Oder. All flooded here. Ferry not able to run. White Storks and Cranes on a stretch of ‘dry’ land. At Zelliner Loose – again on the Oder – a path led to the dyke where there was a Black Tern colony and a few Garganey,

26 May
To Warta Mouth National Park. Flooded ++ At the group of houses on the right, known as New America just past a bus stop there was a display board, and nearby was a small track on the right through some damp woodland. Hoopoe calling, Savi’s Warbler singing, and a Crane in a field beyond. From the tall Czarnow tower hide. 20+ White winged Black Terns could be seen and a Barred Warbler was singing. A Hoopoe called from small sandy hill to the left. A White-tailed Eagle was sitting on a tower hide in the distance. From Slonsk there was a rough track to Klopotowa. Good amount of bird song with Sedge, Icterine, Marsh and Reed Warblers, Blackcap. A Rosefinch sang briefly but could not be located. Curlew were feeding in the cropped grassland. The river Warta was very full and the ferry not running. A Shelduck flew by. Continued east alongside the river, and heard Wryneck in the back garden of a house. Crossed the main road bridge, then south on 131 to Krzeszyce, and the main road. west to Lemierzyce and south toewards Ownice. A stop in some woodland was rewarding: Black Woodpecker, Golden Oriole and Wood Warbler.

IMG_1751Back to the German side of the Oder. .Parked at Zechin and walked to the dyke. 50+ Black Tern and 4 White winged Black Tern in pool. Also Garganey and a booming Bittern. A Golden Oriole flew by.

27 May
IMG_1758The old sand and gravel quarry at Neuenhagen was well worth a visit. Reached from Bralitz. Birds at this site included Whinchat on fence. Redstart singing in woodland edge. Also Woodlark, Linnet, Crested Lark, Tree pipit and Turtle Dove. 2 Hoopoes.

Next stop Finow airport, west of Eberswalde. Stonechats, and calling Quail. Called at Karow ponds on the way to the airport.. 2 Marsh Harrier, Red-necked Grebe on each pond. One with young. Great Nightingale views.

119 species recorded

Full site details are in “A Birdwatching Guide to Brandenburg and Berlin”. See information page.

South Brandenburg 28 to 31 October 2008

This was mainly a site tour of the south of Brandenburg, and this is a brief summary.

IMG_111228 Oct A visit to NSG Prosa, which is a former tank training ground. Taken there by the warden.This is large area of heathland and scattered trees. It is hoped to re introduce Capercaillie from Estonia. Good view of Great Grey Shrike. Stayed at Schlosshotel, Sallgast, Good parkland surrounding the hotel. Black Woodpecker and a large flock of Siskin.

29 October A wet day. Visited some of the old mining areas around Schlabendorf. Close to Eggsdorf was a huge flock of IMG_1135geese, feeding on stubble. They were mostly Bean and Whitefronts but 2 Barnacles spotted.  Then to Wanninchen via the Friesdorf tower, which is now boarded. Male Hen Harrier and about 3000 Lapwings.

30 October Brief visit to Hammerteichgebiet near Doberlug. IMG_1144White-tailed Eagle on the muddy shore at the back of the pond. Massdorfer Teiche were quiet with just Goldeneye and a couple of Green Sandpiper.

31 October Sunny at last. A visit to the fields alongside the Oder. Big flock of Fieldfare 150 +. Some Goosander at the river. Large numbers of Lapwing 1000+ and a few Golden Plover. No Geese. Couple of Buzzards, one very pale, but no Rough-legged Buzzard.

South Germany – Spreewald 3 to 6 May 2008

Roger and Christine White, Robin Prytherch and David Wilson

3 May Bristol to Berlin. Then south to Lubbenau to the Kartoffelgasthaus and Pension Knidle. Nightingale singing in the hotel grounds.

4 May Black Redstart in the next door garden. Drove to the small CIMG3981harbour and walked along the canal. Wooded area, and gardens. Singing Pied Flycatchers. Goldeneye on the lake. Took the road towards Lubben, and turned right just past Ragow to the damp meadows. Yellow wagtails and Black Kite here. In a marshy area with open water were Garganey, Shoveler and Marsh Harrier. Then down Krimnitzer Kahnfahrt to the bridge over the Spree, White Stork, and Great Reed Warbler, and a nice close view of Lesser IMG_2063_filteredSpotted Woodpecker. White tailed Eagle in flight. Great Grey Shrike. A lot of cyclists about (bank holiday).

From a tower hide was an extensive area of standing water. In the distance we could see the Peregrine and Raven nests on pylons. Nearby were Great Egret, Hobby, Savi’s warbler, and Grasshopper Warbler.

In the centre of Lubben is a wood with mature trees. Lovely view of Middle Spotted Woodpecker Also Hawfinches, Treecreeper and a Red Squirrel.

Some of the ponds at Hartmansdorf had been emptied. There was Little Ringed plover some Goldeneye, Pochard, and Great-crested grebe.

5 May Morning walk at 730 to the Schloss Park in Lubbenau. Additional MS Woodpeckerbirds here were Firecrest and Redstart. Also a very good view of Middle Spotted Woodpecker. Then on a dirt road through open fields between Brahmow and Papitz. A Golden Oriole flew across and was later heard calling. About half way along the road a farm track crossed it. Near here was the first of 4-5 singing Ortolan. Tree pipit also here.

Next stop to Lieberose heath. A few trees along the edge of the road beyond which was an extensive barren area with very little vegetation. Birdless except for Woodlark. More open heath at Reicherskreuz. Large hide here. IMG_0889 31 ReicherskreuzWheatears, singing Skylarks, Tree pipits and a calling Hoopoe. On the road to Pinnow there was a Black Woodpecker. At Laszin Wiesen, near Tauer (purported to be a breeding site for Black-tailed Godwit). were Whinchat, Yellow Wagtail, and a Fieldfare.

North again and on to Burg making for Liepe, approaching it from the south east. From about 3 km before the village there were very wet rushy fields, which is a Corncrake area. (Liepe Wiesen) There were drumming Snipe, singing Grasshopper Warbler, Garden Warbler and the usual Blackcaps and Nightingales.

6 May South on the Autobahn south to J 12,and drove towards Crinitz, stopping at several lakes resulting from mine workings, including Drehnaer See. Birds included Crane and Great Grey Shrike. More Cranes at NSG Borchelsbusch. There is a tower here overlooking a large lake and extensive reeds. 6 Marsh Harriers. A Lesser Whitethroat sang nearby. Bittern booming and two Hobbies. Redshank heard. Garganey on the water.

Then to the Naturepark at Wanninchen. Approaced via Gorlsdorf. Short visit to the exhibition in the main Centre., and collected some literature. Returned along the edge of the lake. Superb views of Tawny Pipit. On the IMG_2128_filteredbanks below were Wheatear and Linnet, and on the water were Marsh Harrier, a group of Cranes, White-tailed Eagle and a large Sand Martin colony of in a man made bank. A group of about 12 White winged Black Tern flew in from the west, calling. The road is blocked for vehicles just after Schlabendorf. Just as we left the village a nice view of a pair of Montague’s Harrier in a field on the left hand side.

The next aim was the Gull Island at Stossdorfer See. Approached via Eggsdorf and Wilmersdorf Stobritz. Had a little difficulty in finding the best route, but were helped by the post lady. After going through the village there is a tarmac road turn on the right, signed to the Voegelinsel. It passes the lake on the left hand side. There is a small pull in on the left which gives good views of the island but a better one (as advised by the warden) further on by a small wooden hut. Parking spot here with a view from the bank.

A very large colony of Blackheaded Gull. Also some Mediterranean Gulls and Common Terns, and a single Black Tern. (they breed on the island). Met a warden who told us that Bitterns are on the east side of the lake, and also Red-necked Grebe. Two pairs of Osprey.

Then on to Schlepzig. Parked at the beech wood a (Buchenhain) From here we walked along the river to an observation tower overlooking the Spree. Not much to see here but a Black Stork flew over.

Repacked at the car park and left at 5.30 pm. About one hour to Schönefeld, for the 1910 flight to Bristol.

Some of the memorable birds Montagues Harrier, Black Stork, White winged Black Tern, Excellent views of Middle Spotted and Lesser Spotted Woodpecker, Tawny pipit, Ortolan singing.

Berlin and Uckermark 25 to 30 May 2008

Roger White, Robin Prytherch, Richard and Rosemary Brown, Jane Cumming,
Phyl Dykes, Ken Hall, Margaret Searle.

This is a brief account of a 6 day tour, starting in Berlin, then visiting some of the sites to the north and east.

Sunday 25 May Started at the NSG Niedermoorwiesen am Tegeler Fliess, in the north of the city. As soon as we parked we immediately saw our first Red-backed Shrike. Walked IMG_0908 Kopchen from SEover the railway and turned right through open area with scattered bushes. A Barred Warbler was singing and gave brief views. At the eastern end of the lake was our first Black Kite. On the lake, seen from the west viewpoint were Red-necked Grebe and Goldeneye. A variety of warblers seen and heard: Icterine, Reed, Great Reed, Marsh, and Garden Warbler plus Whitethroat and Chiffchaff. Nightingales singing.

Next went east to Buch forest. We did a clockwise work through the forest. Some Swans with white cygnets here ( the so-called Polish Swan), Short-toed Treecreeper and Spotted Flycatcher.

A few km north of here is Hobrechtsfelde. The best parking area is on the left hand side of the road. Walked through some of the tracks, and past some ponds, covering only a small part of the area. IMG_0911 HobrechsheideBirds included Tree Pipit, and Woodlarks, and excellent views of singing Icterine and Marsh Warblers. Honey Buzzard mobbed by a Buzzard, and Red Kite. Hawfinch flew back and forth at the lunch stop at the car park.

Final stop for the day at Schönower Heide, north of the road between Schönwalde and Bernau, and is an old military training area, with heath and scattered trees. Woodlark and Tree pipits and a Red-backed Shrike seen from the observation tower.

Stayed at Landhotel Wensickendorf.
Monday 26 May Left soon after 9.0 am and drove south a few km to Briesetal, a wooded valley with a stream running through. Parked on the right of the road and walked at right angle to the road through the trees, which opened out to a view across the valley to the woods the other side. Brief view of Red Squirrel here. Golden Orioles calling there and Wood Warblers. Excellent of a circling Honey Buzzard.

Dropped down to the Berlin ring road and headed west to Linum. Some new-laid paths and new hides and towers. DSC00561Common Terns were nesting on some platforms, there was a pair of Red-crested Pochard, and views of Penduline Tits including a nest. Male Bearded Tit gave good but brief views to one of us. A Willow Tit was watched at its nest hole. Warblers included Great Reed and Marsh and Savis. A Stoat gave us very good views. White Storks in the village had young.

Then to Zehdenick Clay pits. The ponds themselves were a bit disappointing, because they were disturbed, but there were Great Crested Grebes and Golden Orioles here. Also two Kingfishers, Linnets and Common Terns. Stayed the night at the Hotel Klement where Giselda gave us a very cheerful greeting and played us her party trick with a ceramic-coated lead beer tankard.

Tuesday 27 May Headed for Boitzenburg Tiergarten. This is an area known for its woodland birds We took the road east out of Boitzenburg towards Gollmitz and just before Berkholz turned right down a rough track which led us to a fish hatchery and a millpond. Took the path east from here. Birds included a Pied Flycatcher and brief views of Black Woodpecker. Grey Wagtail, Black Redstart, our first Robin and a Firecrest was singing. Headed instead east to the town of Prenzlau, As we approached the town we passed a large pond at Stromtal. This was well worth the stop because there were good views of a couple of hunting Hobbies, and nearby were two Osprey nests on Pylons. After Prenzlau we took a narrow cobbled road south towards a view point overlooking extensive reeds between the two large lakes (upper and lower Uckersee). Before we got there, a quiet bushy area was a good spot for lunch, and our first Thrush Nightingale was singing deep in a bush. Also Icterine Warbler here. The view point gave extensive views of the reed bed the other side of the railway. A pair of Cranes had fledged young. A male Montague’s Harrier quartered the edge of the reeds. The next aim was an observation tower known as Biber Blick (Beaver view). The directions were not good, except that it was situated between the villages of Annenwalde and Beutel. Before reaching Beutel there was an area of shallow water on the left. Garganey here and an old, overgrown Beaver dam. In Beutel we took a path which went north by DSC00594the Glockenturm. Good access to open water down a path through the trees on the left. At one stage the Gruppenleiter started to have doubts as to the correct route, but words such as “fier hundert meter” and “funf minuten” from some cyclists were encouraging and just after the turn to the left to Annenwalde, stood the tower overlooking a large area of reed, and tree fringed open water. It was about 1 km from Beutel. No beavers but a good view of a fishing Osprey. One of our ‘speck’ specialists picked up a probable Black Stork, several miles away, and the diagnosis was confirmed as it drifted nearer to us. Quail heard nearby. On the way back via Templin to Zehdenick, a sympathetic and understanding policeman appreciated our difficulties in coping with speed limits, and gave what sounded like kind advice.

Wednesday 28 May East towards the Schwedt. At Reiesdorf (about 4 km before Friedrichswalde) there was a small observation hide overlooking extensive open meadows. Whinchats here, and Red Kite. A Pied Flycatcher was singing in the wood the other side of the road. Next stop the Fish ponds at Blumberger Mühle, situated just NW of Angermünde. A busy visitor centre here. Did the standard trail first, seeing Pond Terrapins and a swimming Grass Snake. Excellent vieDSC00613w of Honey Buzzard overhead, and several White-tailed Eagles. Good lunch spot overlooking the ponds at the view point “Leben am See”. Goldeneye with young and Pochard on the lake. The last stop of the day was at Felchow see, which lies between Angermünde and Schwedt. The expected Black-necked Grebes were here and several hundred Swans. Water Rail heard. An Osprey flew in and another Red Kite. Stayed the next two nights at Oder-Hotel Zuetzen.

Thursday 29 May. Schwedt. Crossed the canal and parked on the road to Poland, and walked in on the right.. Lots of Sedge Warbler and Yellow Wagtails. Also an unexpected sighting of 3 Black Storks, and a few Black Terns. Snipe were drumming overhead. 3 White-tailed Eagles were sitting in trees. DSC00629Hired bicycles at Butske and cycled to the east, aiming for a tower hide at the end of the polder about 7 km away. On the way we heard Corncrakes, and there was a wealth of other birds. These included Yellow Wagtails, a brief Barred Warbler, Hawfinch and a Black Woodpecker. The latter did not get the attention it might have expected because nearby there were views of a singing Thrush Nightingale – a ‘lifer’ for at least one of the team. The most excitement though was a Lesser Spotted Eagle flying over us. As we reached the river Oder, Black Terns started to show, and they were also seen from the observation tower. a Marsh Harrier was pestering a WT Eagle. It was dwarfed by the Eagle, who showed its disdain by ignoring it and then plucking a fish from the river, before flying off. Returned the bicycles four hours later, having completed a circuit of 15 km without injury or spills (at least not any that were admitted to).

An early supper before an expedition looking at a Spotted Crake site at Gatow. This is situated a few km north of Schwedt. A swimming mammal was eventually identified as a Rat. Walked south along the tarmac path, with the polder on our left, and after one km arrived at a marshy area with pools. Thrush Nightingale heard. A number of duck here including Shoveler, Teal and Garganey. Singing Savi’s Warbler also, and in the distance some Black Terns. Further south a River Warbler was tuning up and then slipped into top gear with its sewing machine song. A Savi’s singing nearby provided the perfect comparison. The River Warbler was watched through telescopes as it sat on top of a wild rose, and obliged by showing us front and profile views. No crakes but a very special evening stroll.

Friday 30 May. To the Backerei in Angermunde then south to the beech forest near Chorin. Took the road to Eberswalde and then a sharp left at Chorin just before the main road takes a sharp bend to the right. This is a rough forest road which leads through the Beech woods to Brodowin. We stopped around at intervals along the road and did short walks, listening for Red-breasted Flycatcher. Eventually heard one, but it did not sing for long. Returned to this spot and it was singing again, but only gave brief views to two of us. A Firecrest was heard. Then via Brodowin to visit to a place at the southern end of Parsteiner See. Just past the village of Pehlitz there was a parking area by the road and a small road leading to a camp site. A circular walk was signed but we finished up going through the tents and caravans to the lake shore. Good views of Black Terns flying by to a site in the south east corner of the lake. Our attempts to complete the circuit were thwarted by a large display of flesh on an airbed, and we retreated. Back to Brodowin and then took the cobbled road through the beech forest towards Liepe. Again, stopped and walked at intervals. Some team members were starting MS Woodpeckerto flag, but were instantly revived by the sight of a Black Stork standing amongst the trees in a shallow pool. Just before some crossroads a pair of Middle Spotted Woodpeckers were feeding their young in a rotten tree stump. Finally a detour to a well known Barred Warbler site SE of Brodowin. A bird was singing but refused to do a song flight and only a silhouette in the bushes was offered to us. Left here around 4.30 and after a stop for repacking, the assistant Gruppenführer coaxed the mini bus gently back to the aiport for the 2115 Bristol flight.

Total species 125. The ones that got away: Dunnock, Sparrow Hawk, and Turtle Dove.

Roger White 17 06 2008

Mecklenburg-Vorpommern 16 to 20 September 2013

Roger White, Ken Hall and Robin Prytherch
P1000456Monday 16 Sept. Afternoon flight to Berlin, then by hire car to Landhotel Rügen, Santens.
Tuesday 17 Sept Cranes overhead which settled in the field behind the hotel. Headed at 8.30 for Nonnensee. Walked along the west shore. The hide was closed. Birds on the lake included good numbers of duck (Pochard, Tufted Duck, Teal, Shoveler, Pintail, Gadwall, 8 Goldeneye),. Also Little Ringed Plover, Red-backed Shrike, Swifts and a fleeting view of a Water Rail. White-tailed Eagle in flight nearby.
On the Wittow ferry heading for Dranske. Marsh Harriers while waiting the boat. There was nothing much to see along the narrow strip of land west of Dranske, except for a Spotted Flycatcher, . Black Redstart at Dranske.
Then towards Lancken on the north coast to Kreptitz. Very steep steps down the beach. Little Gull P1000438sitting on the water. Sandwich Terns. At Puttgarden . Wigeon, Shoveler, Gadwall, Coots on the pond. Small flock of Corn buntings.P1000436 15 Buzzards spiralling overhead – presumably recent migrants.
North to Kap Wacholder. Steep wooded cliffs with track going east and west. Sea views often obscured by trees, but on the left there was a clearing by a Juniper tree. Little Gull offshore, Yellow Wagtail over. Single Swift.
we set up the scopes on the beach to look at 7 Blackthroated Divers offshore in Tromper Wiek – some still in brilliant summer plumage. Also Little Gulls and 2 Common P1000452Scoter here.
Wed 18 September Small group of Stock Doves and several Cranes near the hotel. Also a Tree Sparrow calling. Headed for Thiessow on the Mönchgut peninsula. Walked a short distance along the wooded cliff path towards Sudperd.. flock of around 300 fishing Cormorants and also Little Gulls and Sandwich Terns. Siskin, Redpoll and Black Redstart..
On to Zudar and headed straight for Mellnitz. This proved to be a very extensive site with a lot of standing water. This is not shown on the map, and in Google earth appears as rough ground As we exited the village on the left a large pond held Bar-tailed Godwits, Ruff, Snipe, Pintail and Marsh Harrier. Further on towards Uselitz where the road becomes concrete, there was more extensive water on the right, with small muddy islands and the sea on the left. Parking by some railings is a good outlook spot. Distant Caspian Tern, waders again – 10 Bar-tailed Godwit, 7 Ruff, Marsh Harrier, 34 Crane, one immature White-tailed Eagle, and a perched Merlin. On to Zudar itself and thru Zicker to the camp site. Walked to the shore. A lot of Bar-tailed Godwit, 4 Sandwich Tern, Goldeneye, and an Eagle on a sand bank
Thursday 19 September
P1000484Karrendorfer Wiesen today, Lot of waders here. Huge numbers of Lapwing, Ruff, Dunlin, Ringed Plover, Curlew Sandpiper, Little Stint, Snipe, Curlew, Grey Plover, Golden Plover ++. Spotted Redshank, Redshank, Greenshank. Water rail and Bearded Tits heard, 2 Sparrow Hawks, Yellow Wagtail, Red-backed Shrike. 2 Marsh Harriers. Did not have time to look along the shore but huge numbers of Swans could be seen. 3 White-tailed Eagles in a tree near the island of Koos. At

Anklam polder we counted 166 Great Egrets!
Friday 20 September
Klotzow polder. Spotted Flycatcher and Goshawk in the wood. White-winged Black Tern, and 2 Black Terns, 2 Eagles, duck ++, 5+ SpoP1000494tted Redshank, Greenshank. The track from the shipping sign to the shore was blocked by tall vegetation whereas in my May visit several years ago it was actually driveable. Johannishof polder was rewarding, particularly for waders: Dunlin, Little Stint, Curlew Sandpiper, Spotted Redshank, Ruff , Bartailed Godwit, Grey Plover.
Left mid morning for the afternoon flight from Schönefeld to Bristol.
Total Species 107

Brandenburg 22 to 24 October 2012

Roger White and Stephen Daly

This was a short recce to plan for a future tour by Limosa holidays.

22 October

Three Hen Harrier at the main tower hide at Buckow. No Hen-Harrier-ad-m_4480[1]Great Bustards in sight here but 36 in a rape field near Buschow, and a group of 12 males near Haage. 2000 Lapwings and 200 Golden Plover nearby. Numerous Common Buzzards and Cranes around.
Short stop at some woodland near Nennhausen – a good woodpecker site but only Great Spotted (no Black or Middle Spotted). Common-Cranes_4525[1]At Linum ponds in the late afternoon, thousands of Cranes, White-fronts and Bean Geese arriving for the roost. 50 Great Egrets.

23 October
Not much to see at Große Graben Niederung. Mainly Greylags in the fields. Yellow Hammers, Reed and Corn Buntings. a distant Buzzard and Great Egrets. No further raptors until the approach to Gülpe where there was a Rough-legged Buzzard at last. Misty view of the lake from the main hide. Variety of duck here including a Redhead Smew. A Goshawk flew in. nearby. Great Grey Shrike 3047 (2)There were two White-tailed Eagles on the left in trees. One gave great views as it flew past us in front of the hide. Lot of small birds in the woodland here (as usual) They included Crested Tit, Marsh Tit, Willow Tit, Bramblings. Left the hide at 1300. Went round to north bank of the lake. 3 Rough-legged Buzzards, Fieldfares. On the way to Strohdene were excellent views of 2 more Rough-legged Buzzards, and a large flock of Corn Buntings. Crossed the river towards Havelberg. Hen Harrier and two Great Grey Shrikes seen from the car. Short walk in Havelberg down to the river. On the return journey there was another White-tailed Eagle (Number 7) and a further Great Grey Shrike. 24 October
Strengsee. Good numbers of Bean Geese in the stubble and great Bearded Tit views. Whooper Swans, Great Egrets, Bean Geese_3 SDWigeon, Shoveler.
On the way to the airport a Black Woodpecker flew across the road in front of the car.

83 species seen. We concluded that this part of Brandenburg will provide an excellent place for Limosa and Travelling Naturalist to run short tours in October and in March..