South Brandenburg 28 to 31 October 2008

This was mainly a site tour of the south of Brandenburg, and this is a brief summary.

IMG_111228 Oct A visit to NSG Prosa, which is a former tank training ground. Taken there by the warden.This is large area of heathland and scattered trees. It is hoped to re introduce Capercaillie from Estonia. Good view of Great Grey Shrike. Stayed at Schlosshotel, Sallgast, Good parkland surrounding the hotel. Black Woodpecker and a large flock of Siskin.

29 October A wet day. Visited some of the old mining areas around Schlabendorf. Close to Eggsdorf was a huge flock of IMG_1135geese, feeding on stubble. They were mostly Bean and Whitefronts but 2 Barnacles spotted.  Then to Wanninchen via the Friesdorf tower, which is now boarded. Male Hen Harrier and about 3000 Lapwings.

30 October Brief visit to Hammerteichgebiet near Doberlug. IMG_1144White-tailed Eagle on the muddy shore at the back of the pond. Massdorfer Teiche were quiet with just Goldeneye and a couple of Green Sandpiper.

31 October Sunny at last. A visit to the fields alongside the Oder. Big flock of Fieldfare 150 +. Some Goosander at the river. Large numbers of Lapwing 1000+ and a few Golden Plover. No Geese. Couple of Buzzards, one very pale, but no Rough-legged Buzzard.

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